About David Hardstaff

I’m David Hardstaff, and I am a Microsoft Access expert, a data consultant, and a bespoke database developer offering custom database solutions to business of all shapes and sizes.

As a data consultant, I help you to analyse your business requirements, both in terms of process and information, and then find the best database solution.  Sometimes this is an off-the-shelf system of some sort, but frequently I undertake the database development myself and build you a bespoke system to support your needs.

I have an extensive background in Operations, so am very commercially-minded and view the technology as a means to a business end.  Many database companies offer design and development services from a technical perspective; my aim is to put the business first, so my database consulting services have a strong emphasis on simplifying processes, eliminating duplication of activities and data, and stripping out cost wherever it is possible to reduce waste.

I choose Access database development as the preferred solution because it is flexible, powerful and can be developed quite quickly.  If built, set up and maintained properly, it is robust and stable and interfaces readily with other Microsoft Office applications.  I also develop systems in other environments, whether they are locally hosted or online, but most of the work I do has data and databases at the core.

I have been offering Access consulting services for a number of years, and also offer Excel consulting (more here) but my main focus is database programming.  I also do a lot of management reporting work, so even if you have database applications that are not talking to each other, and you need some business intelligence, I can help you with that.

Finally, many businesses have old database solutions that have stopped working effectively (or at all in some cases!) and I am also happy to pick those up and repair them, or get them back up and running.  it doesn’t matter how old your system is, as an experienced database analyst, I should be able to untangle it and sort it out.

Having said that, there are times when stating again with a new application development is the best option, but I will give you an honest opinion.

Have a look at the Services page of this site here, to see a bit more detail about some specific areas I have worked in.

There is a lot more about all the other things that I do on my main website.

To avoid too much overload, if you want my background, check out LinkedIn (here).  You can also find Case Studies on my profile page there as well.

If you want to see what people have said about me, then it’s here on my Testimonials page on my main website.

How can we work together?

We can start by having a conversation, or a meeting.  There’s no charge, no obligation and absolutely no hard-sell.  I will not be ringing you up every couple of days chasing for business.

I will keep in touch periodically, or my children will eventually starve, but be assured that picking up the phone and talking to me will not initiate a stream of calls, letters and emails.

To find out more, or to have a chat without any obligation or hard-sell, please contact me here, or call 01438 832724.